Message from Principal

Mr. Anilkumar H. Mandalia


Govt. College of Nursing

Bhavnagar , Gujarat

Tel No . 0278 2521599

Fax : 0278 2521599

The Govt. College of Nursing is one of the top Nursing College  in Bhavnagar as well as in Gujarat. We offer a 4 Year B. Sc. Nursing Degree course and a 3 year General Nursing and Midwifery Program.   A Commitment to excellence in Teaching, Research, Service and Leadership is the essence of our program. The “Student first policy” of Government college of Nursing, Bhavnagar has contributed to the successful accomplishments and leadership of our students. Our Faculty continues to grow in stature by contributing to practice based research and innovative methods of teaching.

Never in the history of the health care have nurses had such wide opportunities and improved prospects. Nursing is at cross roads with unlimited opportunities in the hospitals, Communities, research and health development programs, with society’s increased recognition of nurse’s contribution to improved health care, we are in a position to demonstrate our professional leadership. Joining with Government College of Nursing Can lead to excellence in education, practice, research and services.

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